All served with skin-on fries


Quills Cheeseburger- New
6oz handmade beef burger with mature cheddar cheese, slice of tomato, mixed leaves, chilli mayo and dill pickle, served in a seeded brioche bun

Quills Burger -New
6oz handmade beef burger with slice of tomato, mushroom, mayo, lettuce, dill pickle and brioche bun

Chilli Beef Burger (H)
6oz handmade beef burger under slow braised chilli beef brisket, jalapeño, sliced Monterrey Jack cheese and caramelised onion marmalade, served in a seeded brioche bun

Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheesburger
6oz handmade beef burger topped with two rashers of streaky bacon and Monterrey Hack cheese served with two- toasted Krispy Kreme glazed donuts

Chicken & Bacon Waffle Burger
Fried whole chicken breast with streaky bacon, red cabbage slaw & sliced tomato served in a toasted Belgian Waffle

Jerk Chicken Burger
Grilled chicken breast, marinated in fiery jerk spices, jalapeno with mango & chilli salsa, tomato & red onion served in a brioche bun

Challenge Burger -New
2 X 6oz handmade beef burger, grilled chicken, two streaky bacon, Monterrey Jack, mixed leaves, onion rings, whole flat mushroom & chilli mayo in a brioche bun topped

Halloumi Chipotle Burger - New (V)
Paprika dusted grilled halloumi, peanut chipotle caramel & onion crème fraiche in a brioche bun 


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