About The Quills

The Quills

Now our refurbed cafe and restaurant is ready to welcome you whether you're in need of a fabulous homemade breakfast, a simple but perfectly prepared coffee or a blow-out of steak and freakshakes.  There's plenty more in the way of cakes, platters, pastries, sundaes to keep you coming back for more...


Food & Philosophy

At the Quills we have a simple recipe for all that we serve....  A blend of favourite ingredients and some special touches, brought together in a rustic flavour-filled style.  Our food is eclectic, and prepared by hand from the great produce delivered daily from our local butchery and veg suppliers. We've become a real destination for going out for breakfast and we hope to build on this by offering a similar style and quality with our new lunch and evening menus.     

Whats in the name?

The Hercinia; a German bird with wings that glow in the dark; bats; owls; weasels and she-goats are all depicted in the Rochester Bestiary.  The Bestiary is a Medieval manuscript of real and mythical beasts thought to have been written at St Andrew's Priory in Rochester Cathedral in the 13th Century.  

One famous depiction from the manuscript is that of a family of mother-hedgehogs collecting grapes for their young by spearing them on their quills.  This endearing image, alongside the fun innacuracies of creatures from afar; such as depictions of unicorns and basilisks; which for the people of Medieval England may well have been just as real as crocodiles and elephants; is the inspiration for our name and looks.  

The Quills is situated in a Tudor yeoman's house on Rochester High Street, where you will sit in our beamed dining rooms alongside rescued antique oak doors that were once part of Rochester Cathedral until refurbishments in 2014.



All image samples are reproduced under license from the British Library, London.